{Rooted} “Restless” Study – Chapters 6, 7 & 8: Pleasing God, A Parable, & The Process

Hello Rooted Ladies,

Well, we are now starting to get into the thick of understanding why we are “restless” and how to determine if our dreams and visions are our own selfish thoughts or for God’s will and purpose. For me, this book is already ten times more useful than many books about finding your purpose because Allen actually gives us questions to ask ourselves to probe deeper. And her own struggles with knowing whether her vocational ministry was out of her own arrogance or even fear rather than God’s will really helps to illuminate the tension between the two. Most of us wonder if our goals are really God’s plans for our lives or our own selfish desires. Continue reading

{Rooted} “Restless” Study – Chapters 3, 4 & 5: Die to Live, Permission to Dream & Uncertainties


Hi Rooted Ladies,

Last week, my esteemed co-leader, Karina Allen, prepared the discussion questions for our study of “Restless” by Jennie Allen. So, below is her guest post. For those of you that are following along online (& not a member of our Facebook group), here they are.

Chapter 3 – Die to Live

This chapter is extremely challenging! It is incredibly hard to die to our flesh and our dreams. I think that this dying becomes a whole lot easier when we fully realize that God’s best dreams and plans for us lie on the other side of death. Continue reading

{Rooted} “Restless” Study – Chapters 1 & 2: Dreams and Tangled Threads

Hello Rooted Ladies,
We recently officially kicked off the Winter Session of the (in)courage groups.Rooted reached the maximum number of women registrations and we even added a few more. God is good!


This session we are going to explore Jennie Allen’s latest book, Restless. According to Allen, the book is a practical plan to identify the threads of your life and how to intentionally weave them together for God’s glory and purposes. Allen says, “We are called to dream but we’re afraid to. But because we are called, when we don’t act on it we become restless—restless to find purpose, to make a difference in the world, to matter.”

This book immediately made me feel like all of the things that I’ve gone through – good or bad – were somehow tied together to be used by and for God. It gave me hope that it all has meaning. Let’s jump into the chapters and the questions.

Chapter 1 – A Call to Dream

1. Can you identify with Allen’s feelings of restlessness? Why or why not?
2. Do you think of “calling” and “purpose” as two different things? Allen talks about motherhood as her calling but still wanted to know her purpose.
3. Allen says the book is about vision and obedience. She writes about discovering our purpose so we don’t waste our lives. Do you feel the same urgency?
4. Allen says that God would fill people with the Spirit and He promised that he would give people vision and dreams. She quotes Joel 2:28 from the Old Testament and Acts 2:16-17 from the New Testament. Quite beautifully Allen writes, “the Spirit of God has dreams for you.” Does knowing that your dreams and God’s plans are connected and evidenced by scripture change how you think about your life, your dreams, and your time left on Earth?
5. What do you think about the statement – “all lies in our control and about how nothing is in our control?”

Chapter 2 – Tangled Threads

1. Allen talks about chains which cause us to go through life completely shutdown by lies and fear. What chains do you see in your life?
2. Are there chains or threads holding you back that no longer need to?
3. Can you picture a life free of chains – with more dreams and more freedom?
4. I love how Allen says that “No unique purpose for your life will fill your soul. The only thing that will fulfill and settle your soul is God.” Does this statement ring true to you? Are you looking for outside satisfaction rather than purpose according to God’s will?

I love how Allen is getting us ready to turn our tattered lives over to Christ to be used for his purpose. It’s amazing that we are Spirit filled and that Spirit has a dream for my life and your life – and they are different and unique. Doesn’t that thought bring hope! Because as long as we are breathing God is still using us for His will.

I’m looking forward to your comments on chapters 1 & 2. And please share how God has or is showing you the threads in your life.

Wishing you much hope and purpose,
Hope (aka Brooke)