{Rooted} “Greater” Study – Weeks 11 & 12: Open My Eyes & Strike The Water

Hello Rooted Ladies,

Welcome to our final week of the “Greater” study. I can’t believe the study has come to the end. Wow! The time flew by! Our last post is from my awesome co-leader Karina Allen.

Chapters 11 & 12: Open My Eyes & Strike The Water

These two chapters were a STRONG end to this book!!! In order to live a greater” life we need a change in our perspective and we need to prepare ourselves to walk out that life. Those are things totally in our control. We can decide on those things. I took these chapters as a charge, a charge to be intentional about surrounding myself with people who are striving to live a “greater” life and looking through eyes of faith. I am so grateful that God is patient with me. He will never leave me or give up on me. He sees my greater” future, the one that He planned for me.

When our hearts and flesh fail, may we learn to press in to God’s amazing strength. His power is available to us because He loves us and knows that we cannot live out this life on our own. He has good purposed for us.

I pray that all of us rise up as we close the cover of this book. The mantle is ours! It is up to us to heed God’s voice, walk out our own faith and discover how He wants to use our gifts.  Whatever season you are in, submit to God and let Him do a greater work there.

“Dream bigger. Start smaller. Ignite God’s vision for your life.” – Steven Furtick 

1. Which 5 people have the most access to your life? How are they encouraging or discouraging in your attempts to live a greater life?

2. Elisha prayed that God would open the eyes of a companion to see the army of heaven. Would you say that the eyes of your heart are open to seeing God’s almighty power? Why or why not?

3. What would be different in your life if you were living as if you really believed that you have infinite power and potential because of God’s being within you? How would you think differently? What would you do differently?

4. What does it mean for you to strike the water and move into the greater future God has planned for you? Identify your decisive next step.

5. How do you feel about going for “greater” in your life? Are you ready? What are you excited about?

6. How do you think your “greater” life will affect your family and close relationships? Your work, schooling or other everyday routine? Your spiritual life?

7. What do you hope to see God accomplish through you?

It has been a huge joy to walk this journey with all of you! We cannot wait to see the “greater” lives that await!

In Christ,

Karina (& Hope)


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