{Rooted} “Greater” Study – Week 10: Where Did It Fall?

Hello Rooted Ladies,

I hope everyone has been enjoying “Greater” by Steven Furtick and learning a lot through the study. It is always amazing how God shows up in our lives when we wrestle with biblical concepts and teachings that help us grow in God. This book is changing how many of us see our lives with God. I am finding that it doesn’t matter whether I immediately understand something written in the book, it is the thinking about the concept and meditating on God that always enriches my spiritual life.

Chapter 10: Where Did It Fall?

Furtick writes that Greater isn’t an automatic, permanent position; it’s an intentional daily decision. (p. 146) This chapter really resonated with me because I can see how life, everyday-ness, can steal your joy if you let it. I can relate to how a small mean comment can turn into a gaping hole of bitterness in your heart. And how if it is left untreated, unnoticed or not prayed about, it will grow and grow, and even overtake the heart we used to have.

This chapter was a great reminder to evaluate our relationship with God. Do we still feel on fire for God like we used to? And it was amazing that we don’t have to “fix it” on our own. We can “cry out” for God’s help by asking “Where did it fall?” And He will meet us where we are. That’s the beauty of God and divine relationship. It’s about seeing where we went wrong and working it out with God’s help. I love where Furtick writes that “[n]o matter how much I struggle day to day, I’m never farther from God than a prayer: “God, help me get back to the place where I belong in You.” (p. 156) And God always answers because He is a God of second chances!

1. Like Elisha’s student, have you ever lost your cutting edge – your spiritual momentum – and begun to backslide into the realm of the ordinary? (Maybe you’re there right now.) How did you realize what was happening?

2. How did you react when you lost your edge? Did it discourage you? How did this situation affect your life in Christ?

3. Furtick says, “No detail or circumstance in my life falls outside [God’s] concern . . . . And since most of our spiritual momentum is gained or lost in the everyday affairs of life, it’s good to know that God is actively involved in them.” How have you sensed God’s presence when you’ve struggled with losing your edge?

4. According to Furtick, if we’re feeling spiritually dull, we should just try harder; we should cry out to God. Can you share a story of a time when trying harder to recover your spiritual passion didn’t work? Or when going to God proved to be the turning point instead?

5. If you’re stuck in spiritual dullness right now, where did you get off track? How can you go back to that point and recover your passion?

We’re looking forward to hearing your thoughts.


Hope (& Karina)


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