{Rooted} “Greater” Study – Week 7: Wasted Faith

Hello Rooted Ladies,

I hope everyone is well and feeling ready for Easter. “Greater” continues to challenge us as we move into Week 7. My co-leader, Karina Allen, has written this week’s post.

Chapter 7- Wasted Faith

This chapter hit home with me and hard. I appreciate Furtick’s phrasing of ‘wasted faith’. It truly felt like what I have felt in every time that I have experienced a setback or suffering.

I love this quote!  “[O]ur questions and doubts can actually serve as some of God’s greatest tools to strengthen our stakes and increase our faith.” Thank God!!!!!!!!! This makes me want to do a Holy Ghost dance!!!!!!!!! This means that whether or not our situations get better, our faith can get better. It is our choice though, to let God change our perspectives when we are let down or going through a trial.

The Lord gave me this a few months ago. Now, whenever I suffer or have some type of disappointment, I try to intentionally remember these 4 truths:

1. God is good and does good

2. His ways are higher

3. The joy of the Lord is my Strength

4. He loves me deeply

I pray that all of you will cling to these and never feel as though your faith is wasted. Our God is a God of purpose!!!!!!!

  1.  In your pursuit of greater (now) or sometime in the past, how have you encountered setbacks, tragedy, or even the death of hopes and dreams?
  2. What were you feelings when this happened? How did you react?
  3. Did you sense the presence of God grieving alongside of you? If so, can you describe this presence and what it meant to you.
  4. What kinds of faith struggles and questions do you have when things go terribly wrong in the midst of pursuing what you think God wants you to do?
  5. If you have ever felt that your faith was wasted, tell us about that.

Love in Christ,

Karina (& Hope)


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