{Rooted} “Greater” Study – Week 2: Lesser Loser Life

Hello Rooted Ladies!

Welcome to our second week of reading and discussing “Greater” by Steven Furtick. Week 1 flew by and it’s already shifting my thinking about God and the purpose of my life. {And it is still not too late to join – just leave me a note in my comments section!}

This week, I have a guest post by my co-leader, Karina Allen!

This chapter just stepped all over my toes! I am sure that it did the same thing in each of your lives as well. How accurate is the mindset of a ‘Lesser Loser Life’?!  How much do we live in that place of not living up to the greater that He has called us to? When life happens, whether it be something tragic or just the mundane, it is so easy for us to slip into mediocrity. Within the past few years, the Lord has been stirring up a desire in me to not settle for anything less than what He has planned for me.

One of my Pastors always says, “You can pray BIG prayers because God is a BIG God.” I love that! That is the very heartbeat of this book.  The call of “Greater” is about how big God is and not how big we think we are or what big things we think we can accomplish.

I had the honor of connecting with Angie Smith this past weekend. She spoke of not feeling adequate to speak on fear when she is still so consumed with it. I told her that God wasn’t looking for perfect people to use. He uses those that are flawed and have struggles. Those are the lives that He chooses to pour His love and glory out of. We will never be good enough but thank God that that only makes us the perfect vessel for His purposes. He is good enough and that is all that matters. I pray that we will learn to silence the voice of the enemy’s condemning accusations so that God can be ‘greater’ in us and through us.

“In spite of all the parts of us that are anything but good, God is holding the door open to a life that s greater.” -S.Furtick

1. Describe the ways that things like fear, self-doubt, and self-criticism make you question whether or not you are a candidate for a greater life.

2. If you are troubled by condemning thoughts in your head, where do you think they come from? The devil? Self-image? Other people’s words?

3. Describe a time when your lesser loser life kept you from doing something you believed God was calling you to do.

4. Who is someone that you think is a good example of getting past their lesser loser life to take hold of God’s greater things? What can you learn from them?

“God doesn’t do greater things exclusively through great people. He does them through anyone who is willing to trust Him in greater ways.” -S.Furtick

Love in Christ,

Karina (& Hope)


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