{Rooted} “Greater” Study – Week 1: Steve and Me

Hello Rooted Ladies,

I’m writing this post to you on the day of Love – Valentine’s Day!! Today must truly be God’s day. I’m super excited because we are kicking off our first set of discussion questions for “Greater: Dream Bigger. Start Smaller. Ignite God’s Vision for Your Life” by Steven Furtick. {And for those of you just finding out about our group, it’s not too late to join! Just leave me your Facebook info in the comments.}

I’m overjoyed to read this book because I’m a super planner. Extreme Type-A person who always wants to know what’s going to happen and works really hard to make things happen. And I’ve realized lately that maybe, just maybe, I’m not living the plan that God designed for me. And I know that the smallest thing that God could plan for me to do would be bigger, and much greater, than anything I could ever do on my own. That’s why I have to read this book. I want some of that God-greater wisdom, power, and relationship in my life. {Does anyone know what I’m saying?}

Greater book

So Furtick begins this book in such an awesome, honest, and relatable way. He talks about the power of Steve Jobs’ life and the introspection that it caused for him. Steve Jobs made Steve Furtick think about being greater in God.

1. Could you all relate to the impact of Steve Jobs story? Or is there someone else’s life that you’ve witnessed or read about that seems so impactful/life-changing? A life that really matters?

2. What was your immediate reaction to John 14:12?

I tell you the truth, anyone who has faith in me will do what I have been doing. he will do even greater things than these, because I am going to the Father. John 14:12

What is Jesus asking or telling us to do? Did you honestly feel like He’s calling us to be greater with Him through His Spirit within us?

3. Discuss a time when you found yourself wishing you were accomplishing more in life that really matters. What caused your discontent?

4. As you think back over your Christian life, what has been your most grandiose (and unachievable) pipe dream about doing something great for God?

5. Steven says, “We wake up one day to find ourselves stuck in miserable mediocrity.” Is that true for your life right now? If so, describe how you are stuck in mediocrity.

6. What’s your reaction to this book’s concept of greater (as opposed to grandiose greatness and mediocre good enough)? Does greater still seem vague or unattainable? How does it affect your perspective on the future?

7. If you already have an idea of what greater thing God might have in mind for you, what is it?

8. Are you ready to open your imagination to the possibility that God has a vision for your life that is greater?

9. On pages 11-12, Furtick lists many ways in which God can make your life greater than the labels. How many can you relate to?

I love that Furtick asks us to pray the prayer about faith (p. 11) and later tells the small groups the following: As a group, decide that you’re going to be there for each other in your pursuit of greater. Begin by praying for one another, asking God to open your eyes to the greater things He has in store for each of you

The memory verse for this week: John 14:12

I’m super excited about praying this prayer of faith for God to show all of us the greater things He has in store for us. I’m looking forward to seeing how God moves in our lives as we draw closer to Him and his vision for our lives. And I can’t wait to hear your thoughts, prayers, questions, and reflections on this first chapter.

wishing you prayers full of faith, hope, and God’s vision for your lives,

Hope & Karina

P.S. If you are interested in more, check out Steven Furtick’s sermon 1.

Greater – Sermon 1


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