{She Reads Truth} Revelations and Heaven Prayers



“Holy, Holy, holy, is the Lord God Almighty, who was, is, and is to come!” Revelations 4:8  ESV

Today, as part of the She Reads Truth bible study, we had to read Revelations 4. And I honestly believe this daily bible study is sent straight from God to me (and others too of course – smile). It always deals with something on my heart or a topic I’ve been struggling with. Today’s topic – heaven. I thought I’d share my prayer to God.

Lord, I don’t think I understand Heaven. Is this where you live? I thought you lived everywhere. Lord, I find Heaven super confusing. I don’t have any idea what are 24 thrones, 24 elders, or the animals with all eyes and six pairs of wings. I don’t know much about any of it. I just know that I want to be wherever you are – always…

For awhile my bible study friends were asking me if I believed in Heaven. And like then, as like now, I say I don’t know. It’s not because I really don’t believe in it. And it’s definitely not because I don’t want to be where you are. It’s because Heaven, like you Lord, is so God-big – it’s beyond my humanly understanding.

I’m getting the sense from my prayers and talks with you, Lord, that my lack of understanding of Heaven is OK for now. Because I believe in you, God, and I truly love you.

Any maybe, just maybe, if I continue to praise you, worship you, and follow you with all my heart and soul Lord — I will get a glimpse of heaven.

“Worthy are you, our Lord and God, to receive glory and honor and power, for you created all things, and by your will they existed and were created.” Revelations 4:11 ESV

Wishing you peaceful ponderings of heaven,


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One thought on “{She Reads Truth} Revelations and Heaven Prayers

  1. Willy says:

    Like you I feel the same way too, only in faith i believe in the unseen, because God can not lie. Although, its beyond my understanding. The day will come by his grace everything will be made clear to us all. I awiat that grand day for all that loves him by not washing away his commandments to suit them. God Bless you in Jesus name our Lord and King. 😊WB

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