Seeing God

{Rooted} “Anything” Study – Week 6: Seeing God & Blasting Off

Seeing God

Seeing God

Hello Rooted Ladies!!

Welcome to Week 6! We have made it to part 3 and to chapters 14 and 15th!Woo hoo!!

Let’s jump into the discussion questions….

part 3: living anything — Jesus’ anything

chapter 14: seeing God: our purpose here

Honestly, I think that really seeing God enables us to see our purpose here. Our purpose is so much bigger than we can possibly imagine. The main part of our purpose is to bring God glory. But we get so wrapped up in our own lives and our own wants that we don’t see past our own lives to the lives of those around us and how God wants to use us to bring change into their lives.

1. What do you want most (pg 130)?

2. Read the definition of God’s glory on pgs. 130-131. Share a time when you saw God’s glory and wanted nothing else. How is Jesus most glorified in your life right now?

3. Do you struggle with forgetting about God as you go through your day to day life? What can we practically do to remind ourselves of the supreme importance of God’s glory each day (pg 132)?

4. What is the difference between following God because He is boss and following God because He builds beautiful stories (pg. 135)?

chapter 15: blast off: overcoming doubts

This might just be my favorite chapter! We all struggle with doubt and yet so often we are ashamed to admit it. The only way to fully step into the purposes of God is to lay down our doubt and walk in faith. Walking in faith requires us to hold loosely to all that He has given us because really we are only stewards. When we view life like this, our world enlarges. God can then connect our hearts with others and give us a greater compassion for the broken around us.

1. As you read about God’s vision to Allen on pg. 138 to start giving Him away rather than just learning about Him, how do you think God might be calling you to do the same?

2. Read Luke 14:16-23. Read the definition of compel on pg. 139. How do we compel other people to God, especially in ways that aren’t cheesy or annoying?

3. Can you share a time when God used your friends to affirm His call in your life or vice versa?

4. On what issue of the heart is God currently undoing you (142)?

5. Do you agree with the quote on pg. 142 by Henri Nouwen? If we really believed that our lives belonged to others as much as to ourselves, how would that change the way we interacted in our family, community and especially in our church.

6. Is there anyone God is calling you to share your life with?

Love in Christ,

Karina & Hope


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