{Reflecting on} the Election, Heaven, Grace, Being Brown and More…

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What I’m pondering this week – ->

I thought I’d occasionally post articles or sermons that deserve more than a “tweet” or two. They deserve notice, attention, and reflection. So, here’s what I’m pondering at the moment.

The Election

The Election Thoughts From a Christian Independent by Jen Hatmaker


Proof of Heaven: A Doctor’s Experience with the Afterlife by Dr. Eben Alexander

Grace and The Law 

The Lifestyle of the Free (sermon on the Ten Commandments) by Pastors Dave Lomas and Dave Dealy of Reality SF Church


When Christians Play God by Pastor Ryan Blackwall at First Baptist Church

Being Brown

One Question I’d Like To Stop Asking by Deidra Riggs

Financial Peace

How Do I Find Financial Peace (sermon) by Pastor Chris Brady at The Journey Church

What are you pondering? {Please share.} What are you lifting up to God?

praying hope, joy, and peace for you and yours,



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