Join My (in)courage Bible Study Group and Read “Anything” by Jennie Allen

Hello Ladies and welcome!!

You are warmly invited to join Rooted: Women Rooted in God’s Word, Drawing Closer to Christ. Please join us on a journey to grow closer to God by reading and studying God’s Word. Together we will read the bible, Christian bible study books, as well as Christian living books.

God’s word is alive, active and should be lived out in our lives. As a member of Rooted, you should expect to grow, flourish, and be transformed – both individually and collectively.


In addition to the bible, we have chosen Anything: The Prayer That Unlocked My God and My Soul by Jennie Allen, to aid us in our pursuit of God. We believe this book will help us surrender our lives to God. It will help us figure out our “anything.”

Jennie Allen writes,

As a generation, I believe we are all yawning and waking up, identifying these
currents, and comparing them to the truth of God. We’re considering this simple
but game-changing thought:
“If God is real and we are going to live with him forever, shouldn’t he be the only

I believe that like every generation before us, we have an opportunity to see God
move in our midst… to surrender in such a way that we would turn the head and
heart of God. He waits for surrendered lives, and he finds them, he floods them. I
want to be a part of that.

Won’t you join us on this journey to discovering our “anything” and surrendering it all to God? Maybe you saw the book recommended this summer by (in)courage and would like to dive deeper? Or maybe you’re wondering what life would look like if you really gave everything – worries, fears, struggles – your anything and everything to God? If so, you are in the right place. And we can’t wait to grow together as we read this book and hear God speak to our hearts.

Our group is pretty simple. We’ve created a private Facebook group to share our reactions and thoughts on the book. Each week we will read a few chapters and have a commentary post with discussion questions to get the conversation started. It is our hope that each of you will feel moved to comment on the book and how God is moving in your life. {The full schedule is below.} Oh, what a great journey this is going to be!

And in case you are curious, here is a little about us.



Karina Allen

Although originally from New Orleans, Karina now lives in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. While pursuing her undergraduate degree at Louisiana State University and teaching preschool, she found her passion for Christian counseling and life coaching for junior high, high school, and college aged girls. Her dreams also include writing devotionals and an autobiography. She loves books, the bible, and of course, bible studies. She is excited about the group because she loves seeing how God knits hearts together online!




The other half of this duo hails from San Francisco, California. After graduating from law school, Hope moved from sunny Los Angeles to Northern California for a new job. Not a stranger to moving, Hope has lived in Colorado, Texas, Maryland,Virginia, North Carolina, California, and even small stints in England, Indiana, New York, and Philadelphia for education and career pursuits. Yet, despite all the moves, she has found a home in Christ and a deep sense of comfort in her faith. Her passions include reading and studying God’s word. And, as a former journalist, Hope dreams of writing books, permanently renaming herself “Hope” (her favorite word), and learning more about herself in God’s eyes. She is documenting her spiritual journey at her web site,

So, please join our group, and pick up your copy of Anything. And in the meantime, please feel free to contact either one of us with questions or comments.

Your sisters in Christ,

Hope –
Karina –

“Anything” Reading & Chatting Schedule

Each week’s questions will be posted here on this site as well as on the Facebook group on the Monday for each week! Please feel free to read ahead. And no worries if you fall behind. This journey should be fun and flexible. The chapters are short, easy to read, but very thought provoking. We suggest journaling your thoughts as you read – and of course, posting them here!

part 1: everything keeping us from anything

Week 1: Week of Oct. 2: Intro – “my anything”, Chapters 1-2

Week 2: Week of Oct. 8: Chapters 3-4

Week 3: Week of Oct. 15: Chapters 5-7

part 2: praying anything

Week 4: Week of Oct. 22: Chapters 8-10

Week 5: Week of Oct. 29: Chapters 11-13

part 3: living anything

Week 6: Week of Nov. 5: “Jesus’ anything,” Chapters 14-15

Week 7: Week of Nov. 12: Chapters 16-17

Week 8: Week of Nov. 19: Chapters 18-19

Week 9: Week of Nov. 26: Chapter 20, “what is your anything?”

Note: this schedule may be modified.


85 thoughts on “Join My (in)courage Bible Study Group and Read “Anything” by Jennie Allen

  1. Angela says:

    Hello ladies! Joining your group and can’t wait to get started. I look forward to getting to know you and growing my faith through this group.


  2. Rachel Ramsey says:

    I have tried joining the bible study through Facebook and it won’t let me .. If you could possibly send an invite that would be appreciated .. Thank you

    You can find me on Facebook under
    Rachel ‘Benton’ Ramsey


    • hopejoypeace says:

      Hi Rachel,
      So nice to meet you. We’re super excited that you are a part of the group and this wonderful journey.

      Sorry for any Facebook troubles. The Facebook group is private so everyone feels comfortable sharing. I am sending you an invitation right now. Yaay! I’m so thankful you are in our group.



  3. K. Atkinson says:

    I would love to join as well! I have heard great things about the book and have really been desiring to dive deep into the heart of God with a group of women and do life together! What do I need to do to join?


    • hopejoypeace says:

      Welcome Linda!! I’m so excited that you are joining us. I’m so glad that you already had the book. It was mean to be! Please let me know how to find you on Facebook!

      Blessings to you,


  4. Regina Taylor says:

    I thank God for reading Twitter and I ran across this, this is what I need in this stage of my life. Just want to learn and grow more in God…..looking forward to this bible study group.


  5. Katy says:

    Wow, this sounds like an incredible group and an amazing book! I so much need this (in)couragement to surrender everything to God right now! I’d love to join! But the only problem is that I don’t do Facebook and don’t think I’ll be able to log in to the group Facebook page…is there any other way to follow along and comment?


    • hopejoypeace says:

      Hi Katy!!
      Welcome! Welcome!! Thank you for considering our group! The book is awesome and God has sent an amazing group of women to join this journey! It’s totally ok if you are not on Facebook. Everything will be posted here on this site with tons of opportunities to comment and build community. The Facebook group just allows people who may not want to post publicly the option to comment in confidence. We’d love to have you join! Let me know if I can help in any way!
      Blessings to you,


      • Katy says:

        Hi Hope,

        Thanks so much for the welcome and the information! It sounds like a wonderful book and a magnificent group of women, indeed! And I’m so glad that it’s okay that I’m not on Facebook, that everything will be posted here on the site with the chance to comment directly on the site–that’s great! I’m just wondering how I go about joining? Is there a place on the site where I need to register and find the first reading assignments/questions? Thank you so much! Blessings, Katy Q


  6. Julie says:

    Very excited to join this group! I have already read the book, but it was so meaningful to me I can’t wait to read it again and hear from others as they read as well.


  7. Myriam J. says:

    Would love to join this group. Got the tweet from inCourage on my way from work and explore the different groups and picked this one. I am at the “Anything” phase right now. Hopping over to Amazon for the book.
    From NY


  8. Diane says:

    Please sign me up to the Facebook group?
    Thank you!
    I gave up my “everything” 6mos ago and am trying to live it joyfully and victoriously. It’s been a rough journey. But starting to live in the promises. Amen


  9. mymorningcoffeewithgod says:

    Hello, ladies.

    I am so excited to reacquaint myself with another incourage bible study… This time with a live smaller group of women.

    It didn’t take me long to know this was the group for me…”Anything” is sitting on my night stand, unread and just waiting for this 🙂

    I hope you can find me on fb at Yvette.McintireLing.

    Can’t wait!


  10. Ashley Parker says:

    I would love to join this group! (I’m Ashley Parker on Facebook) I can’t wait to read this book and be a part of this community!


      • Annie says:

        I didn’t get the friend request on FB or in my email. 😦 is there a direct way to signing up to the group that may be easier? Thanks! (FB: Anna Smith-Jones)


      • hopejoypeace says:

        Hi! Hmm.. I actually sent friend requests to both people with that name on FB. The group is private/secret to encourage women to share openly. I have to add people. I’m so happy that you want to be a part of the group!


      • Anna says:

        Hi, sent you a friend request. Hope it get’s through! I’m pretty new at the whole FB and not sure how to navigate it. I lowered my privacy settings — hope that helps! I so want/need to join your bible study! Thanks so much, peace & blessings, Anna


  11. Brandi says:

    Hi ladies!! My friend Krissy gave me this book, and it has been a timely gift! I’d love to join in on the discussion, and look forward to getting to know you ladies and growing together! My Facebook is John-and-Brandi Carrano. Can’t wait!


  12. Diane Petrak says:

    I just downloaded the book from amazon and am anxious to start it today. God has placed it on my heart to explore “community” in different ways. This is a brand new experience for me to be a part of an online community group, and I’m really thankful that this morning he led me in your direction!
    I’d love to join the FB group.
    My info is Diane Petrak,
    Blessings on your day!


    • hopejoypeace says:

      Hi Diane,
      Welcome! Welcome! Welcome! I’m so excited that are joining us, and that God pointed you to our group. We will be blessed to have you!

      I looked for you on Facebook. I found a Diane Wagner Petrak. Is that you? Please let me know. I’m looking forward to experiencing this journey with you.



    • hopejoypeace says:

      Hi Lauren,
      Welcome! Welcome! We’d love to have you in the group. I just sent you a facebook friend request. I will then add you to the group! I’m so excited you’re joining us!
      Blessings, Hope


  13. Ellen says:

    I have requested to be part of this Bible Study but not sure it went thru. I would like to join the group before I get too far behind to catch up. Could you let me know if I am part of the group and the facebook group. It does not show up on my groups. Thanks in advance


  14. Birdie Cutair says:

    I am hoping that I have pushed all the right buttons and am now able to comment. I just received the book “Anything” today and have read the first chapter. Wonderful! It’s exciting and a bit scary to be risky!


  15. Nikki Mickley says:

    Hello! Is there any way I can be added to the FB group? I realize that the study is over a year old but I would like to use your discussion questions in a group I am starting soon. Since there is not published study guide I would like to see how you led instead of “reinventing the wheel”.

    If this is possible please invite me to the group. You can find me on FB as “Nikki Mickley”

    Thank You and God Bless


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